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  Legaci Clothing was established in 2015. Legaci stemmed from the belief that clothing should be looked at as freedom of expression. Just as the rest of the arts in the world. Not just pieces of fabric wrapped around us to keep up from the nude. Clothing has the power to make a person feel great or crappy. From the person that loves to dress up, to the person that enjoys dressing down. Legaci will specifically create your style! When you're fashionably late, does anyone notice? When you leave; will you be remembered? WHAT'S YOUR LEGACI? 


Legaci isn't just a place to purchase clothing, Legaci Clothing designs and creates one of a kind, custom, handmade garments. Legaci was created because, not only was there a burning passion for vintage pieces but the owner couldn’t find what she was looking for when she went shopping, she was also tired of clothes fitting uncomfortably after spending a pretty penny. There are so many designers and brands, but there are also so many differently shaped customers. Average sizing doesn't seem to fit the average person. Clothing can last forever, why not have it fit how you'd like? Why not have it made exactly how you want? Well Legaci offers exactly that! We extend our services to you. Legaci Clothing the new way of shopping.